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Guided Temagami Canoe Trips

We think the best way to learn about Temagami is by joining one of Smoothwater’s group canoe trips with a certified Temagami canoe guide.

Guided and outfitted, these trips are designed for beginners with minimum experience, but maximum enthusiasm. Our Temagami guides teach you the ropes while sharing their passion for nature interpretation -- rocks, plants, weather, wildlife, insects, mushrooms, even animal scat.

It’s terrific value in outdoor adventure learning.

July 21-25, 2014 August 18-22, 2014
$601.00 pp 4 night/5 day trip with pre/post trip lodging, gear, food, instruction, guides.
This unique, guided canoe trip is designed for special pre-teen mother- daughter bonding. Learn paddling and camping skills and how to be a great s'mores chef. Swim in Temagami's clean waters, hike in our famous forests, and discover wilderness secrets. Watch your daughter explore and play, while she watches the girl in you do the same. Both of you will find inner strength, portaging a canoe and sleeping comfortably in a tent. Strengthen bonds that will warm you in the teenage years ahead.

Forest tours by appointment, year-round.
From $350 pp. Includes 2 nights/6 meals, guide, equipment
Imagine walking beside a creature over 300 years and upwards of 60 feet. These ancient red and white pine are the largest remaining stands in North America --trees that have witnessed 300 years of history. Join us in this guided canoe and hike into a wild forest that will change you forever. In the autumn catch the fall colours of golden birch and red maple that also compose these forests. In winter, book a snowshoe tour. Whatever season, you will come out a different person.

You choose according to season, desire, and ability.
Price variable - depends what you need.
A few hours or a few days long, let us advise you of how to access the best and most beautiful vistas of Temagami. Including Caribou Mountain, Ishpatina Ridge, Maple Mountain, Beaver Mountain, Devil's Rock, Devil Mountain, Cliff lake and more! Most have fascinating stories behind them and magical lore. Get there by hiking, snowshoeing, or canoe tripping. Smoothwater can offer you directions, guides, maps, gear, wild edible details, lodgings, refreshment --you name it.

Subject to availability.
If you are searching for a stunning venue (whatever the season), and have a small group (under 50 people), the Smoothwater lodge is exceptional. We'll work with you on your style and theme, from decorations, to menu, creating the occasion you dream of to honour this significant, memorable day. We are flexible to your needs and look forward to speaking with you further. Contact us for photos.


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I'm NOT a jounalist, nor a good writer but my memories are full of admiration for your country, the people and its nature. Everyone should experience the Canadian wilderness at least once in his or her lifetime. See you next year! Liefs, Pascale and her boys