Photo of colourful Fiestaware used at the Temagami wilderness lodge.
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Temagami Terroir: Regional Foods

Smoothwater’s culinary style is all about the innovative regional cuisine of Canada, specifically, the local, organic and wild foods of Temagami and northern Ontario: terroir. Smoothwater promises culinary excellence.

But cuisine is so much more than just food. Food tells stories about the people and the land. Travelers to our small Temagami wilderness lodge are motivated by the food and the stories representative of northern Ontario.  This is the essence of culinary tourism.

Snowshoeing, canoeing and our hearty Trapper’s bread speak to the beaver as Canada’s first natural resource.

Smoothwater’s wild blueberry kuchen has something to say about black bears, forest fires, logging and First Nations people.

The wild whitefish we serve from Lake Temiskaming honours the clean waters of northern Ontario that have sustained local people for thousands of years.

Let us tell you more about the foods of northern Ontario. Our dining room table is a good start. Hiking in the old growth pine forests will also yield local culinary lore.

Indeed, food is a touchstone to our roots. Food tells us where we are from, and where we are going as people. Browse our seasonal menus or share your food stories with us.


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Photo of Caryn Colman with basket of local and wild foods.

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