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What's Newsworthy in Temagami
Happily, journalists and authors have found Smoothwater of Temagami a newsworthy place. Here we have a sample of their news stories, both in print and radio. News stories span regional cuisine, summer and winter outdoor adventures, art retreats, family camping, and romantic vacations.


Finding Bliss: It's Never Too Late To Follow Your Passions.
By Jayne Macauley
Zoomer Magazine launches its premier issue with stories about celebrities, wellness and living true. Eco-lodge owner and artist Caryn Colman tells how she finds her passions.


Canada’s Cuisine: A River of Flavours
By Anita Stewart
“Food in all its wild forms is Canada’s reality. To understand Canada’s food, you must first understand the land.”

Ten Places to Find Authentic Canadian Cuisine
By Anita Stewart
“Smoothwater is a base for vacationers paddling the area’s chains of small lakes. Co-owner Caryn Colman harvests the region for her dining room”

CBC Radio / Fresh Air 
“If Cobalt is silver, Smoothwater is pure gold.”
By Mary Cook & Anita Stewart, August 2005
Hear all about the foods of northern Ontario and Smoothwater’s unique style.

Dinner At Smoothwater Is Unlike Anywhere Else
By Judy Gouin, Temagami Talker, 2007
“First of all, it’s a communal affair.  Everyone gathers for appetizers in the main living room, and everyone sits at the same long table for dinner.”

Canada’s Temagami Region: Where Legends Have Sought Inspiration 
By Priscilla Lister
“We quickly dubbed Caryn the Alice Waters of Temagami; like the famed Chez Panisse chef who revolutionized U.S. restaurants 35 years ago…”

World’s Largest BBQ / Best Regional Menu 2006
Flavours Of Canada

Look What’s Kuchen
By John Farrington, Ontario Magazine, summer 2005
“I took one look at the recipe, got up at 3:45 a.m. and drove three-and-a-half hours to be on time for the pie baked fresh that morning.”


Happy Birthday Canada
By Phinjo Gombu, Toronto Star, July 2007
“Water, sky, trees, canoe, plain white tent: those iconic elements compose the ideal image to ponder our country’s birthday.”

Temagami Shows Visitors A Really Wild Time
Globe & Mail, May 2005
"I told them we have bears here, sometimes in our backyard…and I've seen wolves."


Canada’s 10 Best Winter Getaways
Explore Magazine, 2006
“The skiing here is sweet and low-key, with 50 kilometres of cross-country trails, packed but not trackset, wandering through the cushiony winter silence.”

Winter Wonderland
By Julia Aitken, Food & Drink Magazine, LCBO 2006
“A winter weekend made in heaven…there's a regular train service from Toronto ( Great food, good skiing, no driving?  Bliss.

Breaking The Ice
By Leslie Anthony, Federation of Ontario Naturalists, Winter 1998
“The woods fairly bristle with the peculiar pent-up energy of spring, and it's contagious; we unconsciously pick up the pace.”


Girls Getaway To Canada Becomes Experiment In Art
By Judy Babcock Wylie, 2007
“One lesson was painting a landscape using no green.  Another was painting a landscape at night.”

Canada’s Temagami Region: Where Legends Have Sought Inspiration 
By Priscilla Lister, 2007
“We weren't really tourists in the magnificent lake country of Ontario; we were more like pilgrims seeking the same inspiration that drew Canada's legendary painters, the Group of Seven.”

A Brush With Greatness In Canada: Trip To Northern Ontario Brings Out Artist In Everyone
By Patti Nickell, 2007
“Under Caryn's quietly encouraging tutelage, I gradually relaxed to the flow of colors and the melting of brushstrokes. By the end of the trip, I had actually finished two paintings that I wanted to frame.”

Wild Canada Landscape Inspires Amateur Painters
By Verna Gates, 2007
“An art colony in Canada aims to inspire amateur watercolour painters to improve their skills in a wilderness landscape of waterways, forests and soft northern light.”

Artists Drawn To Nature’s Inspiration
By Ann Kerr, Globe & Mail, August 2003
 “These people are seeking more purpose in their holidays. They want to learn something or express themselves, even if they haven't done anything artistic since they were in public school.”


Go Play Outside
By Karan Smith, Globe & Mail, 2007
“When you’ve got a roaring toddler on your hands, can you still enjoy a wintry escape with a little grown-up content?”

Temaga-Mommy: Moms & Dots Tripping On Life’s Map
By Nicole Leaper, Ontario Magazine, summer 2005
“Sleeping in a tent has its pros and cons, but there is no question every child should experience it. It’s a clear and starry night; we fall asleep to the sounds of loons and moms reading to their dots.”

Fresh Air / CBC Radio One
By Karen Gordon & the McIsaac girls, August 2006
“What’s it like going on a canoe trip with your mom? It’s cool. But the guide makes you leave your watch and ipod at home.”


Pampered In Nature: Savor The Wilderness Fare At Rustic Canadian Resorts
By Melinda Clynes, Detroit Free Press, December 2001
“Back at Smoothwater, we drift away in the sauna, sipping brandy and drowsily daring each other to run out for a snow bath.”

Civilized Wilderness In An Old Growth Forest
By Crista Mechlinski, North American Country Inns / Bed & Breakfast, Summer 2000
“Your guide can tell you more than you ever wanted to know about animal droppings along the trail then turn around and serve you tea in bone china cups on the rocky shores of a pristine lake!”


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