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Regional Cuisine
If there is one thing as important as good accommodations, it’s the food you’re served while on vacation. Food has the power to make everything right (or wrong) with the world.

Smoothwater is committed to authentic Canadian cuisine. For us, that means using local and wild ingredients with respect. It’s also about supporting our local farmers and making ethical food choices that make a difference to the planet. Each and every time we eat.

It’s easy when one of Ontario’s most fertile food regions, Temiskaming, is in your backyard.

So how do we decide what to serve? We don’t. The ingredients do: all fresh, wild, and in season. It’s impossible not to be inspired. Menus change daily, designed to reflect the season and guest preferences.

Our Dining Room
Perhaps as unique as our cuisine is Smoothwater’s dining style. It’s a communal affair. Everyone sits together, sharing the day’s events, their world views, their laughter. That’s the way it is meant to be –- celebrating great food and company.

The table is set with Fiestaware and deco glass. Lamps are lit. Beautiful platters spread out the buffet. Help yourselves to thirds.

Smoothwater is not licensed. But you may bring your own libations to the table.

What Others Are Saying
Read and hear it from the food writers. We’ve also received awards for our artisan breads made with local flours. Our cookbook, celebrating Temiskaming terroir is in its second printing. 

We share our knowledge in cooking classes, and more informally, when we tell you what’s for dinner -- which might include cedar or wild blueberries.


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